You did it!  You’ve lost weight.  Or, you are in the process of losing it.  Either way, you don’t want your awesome progress to go downhill because you are about to go on vacation or do some traveling.  Here are 8 ways to maintain your weight while on vacation.

Yes, you can maintain your weight while on vacation!

Woman holding a tape measure showing her weight loss
You’ve worked hard for your weight loss! Let’s keep it that way.

1. Stay Active

More than likely, you will be way more active than you usually are at home.  Whether it’s site seeing, walking to your favorite restaurants or doing an activity like snorkeling or skiing, chances are you don’t do this on a regular basis at home.  Maintaining your weight while on vacation doesn’t have to be monotonous or boring.  Did you hike to see the most amazing waterfall?  Did you snorkel around in turquoise water looking at a variety of sea life?  Did you decide to walk to a highly recommended restaurant instead of paying a high price for transportation?  Good!  You stayed active without even realizing it.

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2. Relax

Maybe your vacation is going to consist of nothing but laying on the beach or in a lounge chair by the pool.  That’s ok too!  Some women can store weight as a product of stress and increased cortisol.  Relaxing and being stress-free is a good thing.  That extra dessert or cocktail won’t make too much of an impact.  So leave your worries and work at home.  This is time to unwind, so take advantage of it.  Your body and mind will thank you later

3. Eat Like A Local

When most people go on vacation, they have no choice but to eat the local food.  Even if you are out to eat and opt for a burger, it’s probably not packed with lots hormones, preservatives and chemicals that are in the food we are used to consuming.  Eating fresh, clean food is easy and sometimes a cheaper option.  But this isn’t limited to just tropical destinations where fresh, local fish is your main choice.  Nope.  See #4 and #5 to understand how your food choices can help you maintain your weight while on vacation.

4. Eat Less

Hear me out.  You may actually eat less while on vacation.  The main two reason I say this is from my own personal experiences.  First, as Americans, we are used to huge portions.  This isn’t the case in most other places you visit.  I remember coming back to the states after being gone for a while and could only finish about 1/3 of my meal.  It was so ginormous that I was convinced that I could order one meal out at a restaurant and it would last me for days!  Second, if you are in a hot tropical climate, chances are you won’t want to stuff your face.  Most of the restaurants in Costa Rica (and the ones we visited on the islands in Thailand) were open air.  This meant that during lunch, it was normal to crave fruit or a salad.  Nothing heavy.

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5. Break Your Normal Food Routine

When you are at home, you probably have a schedule.  This applies to what and when you eat.  That tends to go out the window while on vacation.  Not only are you eating different foods, but you are taking your time.  You are not rushing to eat lunch during your break, eating dinner while standing up or just forgetting to eat at all.  Being on vacation is about relaxing (see #2) and this goes for meal time too.  I bet you will find that your lunches and dinners will become longer and more engaging.  Vacation is meant to savor your time with family and friends over a good meal and a glass of wine.  In most other cultures, there isn’t a rush in a restaurant.  Often, you will have look for the server to even take down your order or pay for your check.  How does this translate into being able to maintain your weight while on vacation?  Easy!  When you eat in a rush, you are not letting your brain process when you are full.  Taking your time to eat, lets you enjoy each bite without over eating.

6. Drink More Water

I don’t care how much water you drink at home, if you are sweating your butt off in the Moroccan Desert in August or skiing the Rocky Mountains in January, you will be consuming more water.  Trust me, I’ve done both.  I can even attest that if you are just leisurely laying on the beach in Costa Rica, you will be drinking more water.  Keeping sufficiently hydrated will help you feel more full and eat less.

Going to an All-Inclusive?  Here are two more tips to help you maintain your weight while on vacation!

maintain weight while on vacation


7. Take Advantage of Any Gyms and Activites They Offer

I’ve already covered staying active, but most all-inclusive resorts have some sort of gym or fitness center.  If they don’t, they will generally offer aerobics and yoga classes.  It’s not hard to seek these out while on vacation.  No one is saying you have to spend and hour a day, five days a week in their gym, but if you really want to keep all your hard work in check, it could be beneficial to visit a few times during your stay.

8. Watch Your Alcohol and Food Intake

This is easier said than done.  I get it; however, just because it says all you can drink and eat, doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of that.  I’m not saying to count calories or anything, go ahead and have that extra dessert, just be mindful of the choices you make.  You worked hard to fit in that bathing suit and don’t forget that!


8 Ways to Maintain Your Weight While on Vacation

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