You have probably heard about essential oils and seen people posting about them all over social media.  What the heck are they?  Why are so many people obsessed with them?  Well, you might be able to find some answers here.

what are essential oils


An essential oil is a liquid that is distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other elements of a plant. They are the purest form of the plant and are considered their life force.  Essential oils are highly concentrated, so even one drop can go a very long way.   It’s important to remember that when using any essential oil.  Essential oils are not the same as fragrance oils.  

Essential oils contain the chemical properties of the plant from which they were derived.  This means that each oil can contain over 100 chemical compounds.  Essential oils retain the medicinal and therapeutic attributes of  the plants and make them much more potent then the plants themselves.

Essential oils can be used in three ways.  You can apply them topically, either directly or with a carrier oil.  This depends on the oil and you will need to make sure you have the proper information when choosing this methods.  You can inhale them by either smelling them right out of the bottle or diffusing them.  You can also take some oils internally either by mixing a drop or two in liquid or by putting them in a capsule.  This also needs to be researched because not all oils should be digested.

The best way to get started in using oils is the to get your hands on a Premium Starter Kit. It’s exactly what it says – a kit for someone getting started with oils and it includes a diffuser, 11 bottles of oils, and so much much more.  Not only will you get the kit, but you will get the support of an amazing group of people who will help you change your life with essential oils.

young living premium starter kit

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