The holiday season is not just one of the busiest times of the year, but it is also when health and fitness tend to take a back seat.  The constant eating, drinking and neglect of the normal fitness routines can take a toll on your health.  Let’s fix that.  Not only can you still keep in shape, but you can do it while spending time with your family!  Here are 6 free ways to exercise as a family during the holidays.

Walk the Mall

Odds are, you are probably going there anyways, so why not make it a fun family adventure. Trying playing the Alphabet Game or I Spy.  Get creative and walk off all of those Christmas cookies and eggnog.  Extra points if you park all the way in the back of the lot!


Find a Neighborhood with lots of Christmas Lights

There always seems to be that one neighborhood that goes all out during the holidays.  Track it down and instead of driving through and looking out your car windows at the lights, park and get out and walk.  Or better yet, see if it’s in walking distance from your house.  You can save gas and burn some calories all while getting in the holiday spirit.


Walk on the Beach

This doesn’t just apply if you live in Florida or Southern California.  Lots of coastal places have milder temperatures than their inland counterparts.  Bundle up tightly or throw on your bathing suits and it the beach.  Let the kids run on the edge of the water while you soak up the sun.  Everyone needs some extra vitamin D this time of year when darkness takes up the longest hours of our day.  Bonus: Some research claims that walking or running on the sand burns up to 30% more calories than on a hard surface!


Have a Snowball Fight

For those with snow on the ground, make the most of it.  Head outside and have a good old fashioned snowball fight.  Let the kids win and then after all of the ducking, throwing and running around, lay down in the snow and make snow angels.  After all, that is still using your muscles and can count towards your exercise too.


Make a Game out of Cleaning the House

Stuck inside?  Guest coming over?  Just need to get the damn house clean?  Try to make a game out it!  This post by Alex Richards over at has 15 amazing ideas for cleaning games with your kids.  Head over there and then let me know which idea was your kid’s favorite.


Create a Circuit Routine for T.V. Commercial Breaks

We all love to cuddle up and watch all of the holiday specials that air on T.V. this time of year.  Why not use the commercial breaks to get a quick circuit workout completed.  With the average commercial break lasting 120 seconds, that’s just enough time to 4 reps of any circuit combination you and your family comes up with for 25 seconds each and 5 second rest.  You can add to the fun by having a different family member sit out each break to be the time keeper!


No matter how you try to incorporate fitness and family together this holiday season, make sure that you keep it light, festive and fun!




6 Free Ways to Exercise as a Family During the Holidays

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