Congrats, you did it!  You’ve lost weight.  But if you are like me, you may need to tone up some areas on your new and fabulous body.   Good thing I’m in this same position and I have found five workouts that use your own body weight to help tone up after weight loss.

These workouts are meant to be done together, but don’t hesitate to mix it up and add in other workouts that you are comfortable with doing.


Triangle Push-Up

The triangle push-up works the most amount of arm muscles in this one exercise.  Try this to help tone up any arm flab you may have.

Photo Credit: Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine

Muffin Top:

Double Criss-Cross or The Bicycle

The goal of this exercise is to tone up your muscles.  This works better than crunches because you are working multiple abdominal muscles and incorporating your legs for a better overall workout.  Try these moves from Shape Magazine to help lose that muffin top.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine


Side Planks

Side planks work not just your core, but strengths your sides and deep ab muscles.  Check out this kick ass plank workout to help tone your abs.


Photo Credit: Real Simple Magazine


Perky Pendulum

This workout doesn’t let your legs do all the work.   It really focuses on your butt.  Try it our here.

Photo Credit: Fitness Magazine



Gate Swings With Cross

This not only works your inner thigh, but also your outer thighs butt and quads.  Try this to help tone up your thighs and still get your heart rate going!

Photo Credit: Popsugar



Five Exercises to Tone Up After Weight Loss
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